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Welcome to HAMBURG
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Information about HAMBURG Hamburg is a very busy and bustling city, but is equally elegant and cosy. It has the second largest harbour in Europe, which is also one of the largest in the world. Situated in the far north of Germany, Hamburg has been known for centuries as the "gateway to the world". The harbour is at the heart of the city. Its 75 square kilometres make up over one-tenth of the city's entire area. Especially worth seeing are the Köhlbrandtbrücke, the Landunsbrücke, the Old Elbe Tunnel and the Speicherstadt. The city centre lies between the artificial lake Alster and the River Elbe. Hamburg has countless canals and waterways which are spanned by 1,000 bridges, even more than in Venice. Its boulevards are lined with shops. For those who are looking for culture, they can go to the Kunsthalle, the opera house and the two main theatres: the Thalia Theatre and the Deutsches Schauspielhaus. The Altstadt (old town) contains many of the city's most historic buildings, including the 9th Century Hammaburg and Hamburg's major churches: St Michealis, St Katharien, St Jacobi, St Petri and the ruins of St Nikolai. The Elbchaussee, which is 10 km-long, has been described as the “most beautiful street in the world” because of its ancient trees and ornate villas. This street leads the way from Altona to the exclusive district of Blankenese, which is famous for its white fishing huts, historic country residences, parks, gardens, views of the River Elbe and, of course, its winding paths and narrow stairways. St. Pauli is Hamburg’s red-light district, and is the liveliest and most vibrant part of town, and its 30,000 inhabitants are an eclectic mix of young and old. The legendary Reeperbahn, runs the length of the district and is lined with clubs, sex shops, fast food joints and bars. Because of this street, Hamburg earned its reputation as “sin city”. Hamburg is also known for its musical heritage. Both Mendelssohn and Brahms were born here, and even the Beatles played in a few of Hamburg’s small pubs before making it big. Hamburg is surprisingly pastoral for an industrial centre, offering many retreat opportunities to parks and lakes in the area. Binnenalster is the town’s commercial hub, offering shopping and dining and the famous waterfront Fischmarkt, which provides a lively spectacle each weekend. Museumgoers should visit the Kunsthalle. Hamburg is home to major publishing companies, broadcasters, and advertising agencies. It is reputed to have the highest percentage of millionaires in Germany.


A=Aver. Daily Temp. (°C)
P=Precipitation (mm)
S=Sunshine (Hrs/Month)

Mobile Network
Mobile Network: GSM 900/1800 3G 2100

GPS: 52 31 N, 13 24 E

Shopping Hours
Shopping Hours: Generally Mon-Fri: 06.00-20.00 and Sat: 06.00-16.00. Shops can regulate their own opening hours. Smaller towns may close their shops from 13.00-15.00 for lunch. Shops are closed on Sunday.

General Information
Capital: Berlin
Area: 357,050 km2
Population: 82.6 million
Electricity: 230 volts AC, 50Hz. European-style round two-pin plugs are in use.
IDD: +49
Emergency number: 07
Timezone: GMT +1 Hr (+2 Hrs MAR-OCT)

Language: German (official). Some English and French. Native minority languages: Danish, Sorbian, Romany & Frisian

Government: Federal Republic

Religion: 34% Roman Catholic, 34% Protestant, 4% Muslim

Health: Tetanus, Diphtheria

Currency: Euro (EUR) 1.00 = 100 Cents

Exchange Rate
Exchange Rate: All 100.00 USD = 66.8534 EUR GBP = 110.480 EUR CHF = 66.1543 EUR

Business Hours
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 08.00-16.00

Alcohol Limit
Alcohol Limit: 0,8 ‰

Speed Limit
Speed Limit: Cities: 50 km/h, Outside Cities: 100 km/h, Dual carriageways and motorways: 130 km/h

Traffic: Traffic drives on the right. Minimum age 18 years. Wearing of seat belts is compulsory in front and back seats.

Driving License
Driving License: Insurance is mandatory. Members of the EU, the USA and Australia do not need an international driving licence to drive in Germany

National Holidays
National holidays: Jan 1 New Year"s Day, Jan 6 Epiphany (Baden-Wuerttenberg and Bavaria), Good Friday (variable), Easter Monday (variable), May 1 Labor Day, Ascension Day (variable), Whit Monday (variable), Corpus Christi (variable), Jun 7 Catholic Communities Day (Sajonia and Turingia), Aug 15 Ascension of the Virgin (Bavaria and Saarland), Oct 3 Day of the German Unity, Nov 1 All Saints" Day, Dec 25/26 Christmas Day/St. Stephen"s Day

Climate: Temperate; cool, cloudy, wet winters and summers; occasional warm foehn wind


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